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Moving in Peak Heat? Take These 6 Precautions | SpareFoot Blog

While it can be tempting to plan your move for summer, so you are not trying to move during heavy rain or a snowstorm, know that it can be just as challenging to relocate during the heat of the summer months.

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What Probiotics Do for Your Skin |

You’ve probably heard about probiotics and how good they are for your digestive health. Now doctors say probiotics are also good for the health of our skin.

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Is There a Fire Extinguisher in your Vehicle? |

After several tragic car crashes on Hawaii Island this week – two of them involving vehicle fires that killed occupants – Hawaii 24/7 spoke to Hawaii County Fire Chief Darren Rosario about carrying a fire extinguisher in one’s car.

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Hospitality Technology

Frictionless Hotels Through Omni-Engagement | Hospitality Technology

Using technology to engage guests from pre-stay, during and while they are on-site to check- out and beyond, requires thoughtful investment. In this Business Solution Brief, HT highlights five ways that investments in frictionless experiences pay dividends.

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Hawaii Business

Hawaii Island Business Report 2017 | Hawaii Business

Islandwide progress, Building a better future, Making Hilo even better

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Customer Experience in Hospitality: Selling Experiences Over Rooms |

Here are some tips on how you can enhance the customer experience in hospitality, allowing you to distinguish your hotel from the rest.

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Perfect Partnerships | DaySpa Magazine

Joining forces with another neighborhood establishment could be just the ticket for promoting your spa.

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9 Ways to Help Boost Hotel Security for Guests and Employees | Cintas

Prioritizing hotel security—the goal of every hotel owner is to provide safe, secure accommodations while also offering friendly customer service.

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7 Things You Must Do to Prepare For Holiday Visitors |

It’s great to have family and friends stay with us over the holidays, but it can also strike fear into our hearts. How will we ever get this house clean? There’s so much clutter! And, worst of all: They’ll see how we really live!

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Hospitality Technology Trends for 2017 | Cintas

Here’s a look at 2017’s hospitality technology trends, including those related to mobile and other digital and cloud technologies.

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Author, Author! | DaySpa

Should spa owners strive to become self-published experts? Many marketing pros think there's a case to be made.

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Young Beauties | DaySpa

Two Texas tweens battling cancer were gifted their very own spa day.

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It's Time to Transition Your Hotel Setup From Summer to Winter | Cintas

Your hotel setup can’t be fun in the sun all year long when winter is fast approaching. Here are some steps to take to get guests visiting all season long.

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(Good, Free) Hotel Wi-Fi is a Major Seller | Cintas

Having free and fast hotel Wi-Fi used to be considered an amenity, but it has become an expectation. Don’t offer it and you can fall behind.

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Hotel Technology Goes Virtual, Improving Customer Experience | Cintas

Virtual reality hotel technology is changing how tourism and travel brands engage with guests, taking customer experience to a brand-new level.